Dressmaking - Completed Projects

Jessica's Wedding Dress

This had to be done long-distance, so I made a paper mache form of her body and draped to it. Used silk charmeuse and silk organza. Most of the draping on the bodice was hand-sewn. Here's a bit about making the form, It says "Part 1" - I never did the rest of the parts, I got really busy making the dress.

Yvonne's Wedding Dress

Another long-distance project. Yvonne wanted something decidedly non-traditional. She was also four months pregnant! Designing and draping a dress for a bride who was going to be four months pregnant on her wedding day, when she lived in another state, was pretty intimidating, but I think she looks marvelous. Read more about it here.

Anniversary Dress for Yvonne

Just a few weeks after her wedding, Yvonne needed another dress for her husband's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. I never got a picture of her in it, but here it is on the form. Again, I draped, patterned, cut, and sewed this baby. Here's some more about that process.

My Wedding

In a bit of insanity, I decided to make my own wedding dress and my wife's wedding ensemble. NEVER DO THIS. In the end, I altered the bodice from a dress I found online, made a new skirt for myself, and made my wife's vest. Even this was too much. Don't ever do this.

Also? Don't ever get a fauxhawk four weeks before your wedding.

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