Thursday, July 27, 2006

LYS Report

Heindselmann's. Provo, Utah. Yesterday.

I walk in and I'm accosted by the smell of garage sale and yesterday's dinner. I'm surrounded by cotton loop potholder kits, days-of-the week tea towels, pre-printed Mormon temple cross-stitch patterns, and pet rocks (okay, not really). I hesitate. Start backing out slowly. And then, I see something behind the cash register. Is that yarn?

Trying not to get my hopes up, I walk toward the center of the store. Hmm, novelty yarns in clown colors. Blechhh. Patons Tweeds, mostly acrylic but there's a little bit of wool in there. Hmmm. Better, but not great. Keep going.

And then...what is this? Is this silk? Cashmerino? ORGANIC COTTON? In Provo, Utah? ORGANIC COTTON!!!???

New Wool. Icelandic Wool. Merino. Mohair. Hand-painted, hand spun, silk yarns and roving by a local artist. And--wait--is that a sale sign?

So I very casually walk toward the sale bins (don't want to draw attention to myself), and there, at the very bottom...

Classic Elite Zelda linen/wool blend. Slight variegated (I'm guessing that's from the blend) and the colors...a gorgeous, deep, forest-ey brownish green; a delicious smoky purple; and a lovely pumpkin-ey color.

At half-price, it's five bucks per 50-gram skein.

Do I have any idea what to make with a bulky-weight linen/wool blend? No. Do I have the sense to bring my pattern books with me? No. Do I have five bucks a skein? No.

Do I buy it?

No. I walk away. I go home, look through my pattern books, and realize that the PERFECT project for this would be a little zippered vest for my friend's 2yo boy.

Do I want to make a $30 sweater for a 2yo boy?

YES. God!

Well, I do have birthday money...



Gwen said...

Sooooo, did you go back and get the yarn? Or maybe phone and ask if they'd send it to you? I've never been there, but it sounds like QUITE the Utah experience!

km said...

Gwen! Did you know that you are the reason I found Stitch and Bitch in the first place? I need to meet you!!!!

I did go back, and some evil knitter and swooped down in my abscence and bought ALL but FIVE SKEINS.

So I bought the rest. Hopefully it's enough to knit two cabled scarves for my brother and his boyfriend.

Anonymous said...
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Schpanky said...

So, what? No vest?

km said...

Maybe a vest, maybe I'll have to do something else. The colors that I wanted for the vest were all gone! So I have another yarn that I think would make a very cute hat for the Seabass, but I'll have to hold off on the vest until I find something else that inspires me.

Schpanky said...

I was just kidding my love. I miss you!!