Thursday, May 28, 2009








(okay, yes, that's Xander sleeping, but trust me - he's a helluva lot cuter than me sleeping! Plus I think it's adorable that he plants himself wherever I've been the most - so since I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, he's curled up by my sewing machine. And I know I promised not to post too many pictures of my cats, but COME ON! That's freaking adorable!)

Occasionally I even knit:

Okay, so I haven't photographed any of that lately. Hey, did I mention I've also been working full-time at my temp job? Yikes!


Julie said...

I think that dress is gorgeous! I want to see more of it!

MO said...

Everything looks great! Don't you love a HUGE mug! Miss you!

Kim said...

Love the dress!!! Any extra fabric for a fatty preggers girl?

km said...

MO! I miss you too. Any spare time I have right now consists of fondling the yarn you sent me and wishing I had time to DO something with it! Kim- Spare fabric for what? I do have about a yard... what did you have in mind? Also, you're GORGEOUS!