Friday, July 30, 2010

The following is a list, written down in the order in which it occurred to me, of things that I think I need to accomplish today:

clean bathroom
empty car at storage
take car to shop
clean and organize closet
take extranneous shelves to storage
take footboard to storage
wrap/cover bulletin board with pretty fabric
install file drawers in bookcase
empty silver odds-and-ends bin
design/install jewelry storage solution
hang lights in closet
paint masks
make cute hair things for nieces
finish various UFO's for various belated birthdays
hem Jules' jeans
melt & pour beeswax thread conditioner for etsy shop
melt & pour recycled candle wax for etsy shop
stuff hams for etsy shop
re-photograph everything in etsy shop
photograph everything else for etsy shop
cover and install switchplates
plan meals and make grocery list for work week
get eyebrows waxed
finish frame for a/c units & weatherstrip
organize tool closet & clean pantry
go to Upholstery Fabric Outlook to look at upholstery fabric
buy crochet hooks
learn to crochet
crochet cute washcloths
reupholster office chair
hang shelves in various places
buy a new bra
plan my new career
teach myself how to spin
paint the sink cabinet in the bathroom
install tip-out shelves in kitchen and bathroom
go to Lowe's to buy tip-out shelves for kitchen and bathroom

Considering that at least 30% of these could be all-day projects (hell, considering that just going to a fabric store could be an all-day project!) I'd surmise that I probably can't accomplish all of the things on this list today.

No wonder I don't know where to begin.


Jessica Collett Larsen said...

Merely reading your list was exhausting! What new career are you planning?

km said...

I don't know! I just know that I need to make more money. I'm trying to figure out where I might be able to go at this company - like what department I mmight want to move in to. But I also want to make more time to do the creative stuff. So I really, really, REALLY do not know!