Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beer, and finishing the hat

I haven't had a beer since I moved to Utah, folks. It's been over two months. Today I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore, and I broke down and bought a six-pack of Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale when I was at Target. Then I wrapped it in two Target bags and put it in the back of my basement fridge, in the hopes that no one will see it and become apoplectic.

It's not too bad. I somehow bumped it after my first sip and spilled half on my shirt, so I feel totally justified in opening the second one.

Plus, I finished my first hat this morning while watching Firefly! Vivien just brought it to me, reminding me that I should take a picture and figure out how to post it. And look! There it is! (I hope)

Next: Figuring out how to add embedded links!


Miriam said...

Links are easy. If you're using blogger, there is a little "link" image that looks like 2 links from a chain. Highlight the word(s) you want to become the link, then click that image, and then type in the URL for the link, and hit ok or whatever it is.

If you want to hand code it links are coded thus, but take out the {'s. That's just there to keep the link from actually linking so that you can see the code.

<{a href="http://www.this is the thing to link">This is the text to that will link<{/a>

If you want to link an image to a larger image, or the original image, then the code looks like this:

<{a href="http://www.this is the page where the image"><{img src="http://www.this is the URL of the actual"><{/a>

Does that help at all?

Blogger's image stuff is pretty shitty, I think. When I was using blogger, I used they have a quite lovely free account (which I am STILL using). Just make sure you resize your images instead of just leaving them HUGE like your camera might. If you make them about 500 px wide, then you should be able to upload a ton of them to every month. And with flickr, you can link to the image page that has the description, but for the <{img src> tag, you should right click the image itself, choose properties and copy the link from there for that section. That will show the image itself without the comments, or the flickr scrolling stuff.

If you need any other help, just let me know. I'm a website person too, aside from being an executive secreatary and a knitting business woman :)

margene said...

The hat looks great! And since the beer is a 3.2 you shouldn't worry much about a second one;-)