Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is your brain...

This is your brain on yarn:

That's the yarn I think I want to take with me tomorrow when I go to visit my family for 2 1/2 weeks. And that's AFTER paring it down.

You can also take that to be a metaphor (hmm, or a simile) for what my mind feels like right now.

I don't travel well. I like to think that I do, I sometimes pretend that I do, but I obsess over packing for a trip to visit my parents the way some people would obsess over packing for a three-month trek to Nepal. And I'll still wind up forgetting three or four things. The top four things I forget, every time? Toothbrush, deodorant, contact case, meds. You know, the stuff you use EVERY DAY.

That, and instead of knitting Christmas presents for the last month and a half, I've been trying to update and promote my shop on etsy, so I'm trying to bring yarn for every gift I think I might have time to start, as well as all the UFO's. Not to mention all my knitting needles. So after that, there's room for a couple of pairs of socks and whatever I happen to wear on the plane, assuming I remember to get dressed at all.

So that's my excuse, albeit not a very good one, for not updating y'all about the winner of the drawing. And the winner is:

Marie of Knitted Gems!

She'll win these:

Plus a few things that are just not going to get photographed, the way I'm going! ARGH!

I think I need to lie down.


Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

Julie said...

Haha, that's funny!! I remember when you lived closer you would sometimes leave those things in case you forgot :P Have fun for Christmas and I'll see you in two weeks! And those are way too pretty to be gift tags!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully after writing this you won't forget your toothbrush! At least you can buy one of those again...meds not so easy to re-obtain. The yarn thing...I totally pack that much too...but that's only because I feel antsy if I am sitting still without doing anything. You'd think I smoke crack the way I NEED to be doing something with my hands at all times!

km said...


Ah yes.I remembered my toothbrush, but forgot the toothpaste -- and lo and behold, the fabulous JetBlue flight attendants handed out sample sizes of toothpaste at the end of the flight! How funny is that? I also had a(n) (mis)adventure with my phone, which shall be published in detail at a later time.