Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What to get... and a giveaway! Part 2

Because the men in your life are equally deserving of handmade gifts!

For your Dad:

In case you don't want to get him yet another tie, and assuming that either you have already gotten him every possible combination of golf paraphernalia (unless he's not even a golfer, in which case you don't even have that to fall back on) and assuming he has taken you camping at least once in your life:

This wonderful and funny Campfire in a Can candle from Mountainmamaskitchen is perfect to bring back memories of summer in the mountains! Add these beautiful soy wax fire starters from Berry Creek Candles and he'll know that, despite all your complaining, you liked it well enough to go camping with him again.

For your geeky (or is he nerdy?) brother.

You know he likes Star Wars, right? All those home movies of him attacking the couch with a broom -- er, I mean, a lightsaber -- should be a clue! Indulge his inner child while appealing to his all-grown-up sensibilities by getting him this gorgeously crafted Star Wars Fighters and Starships clock by YOUgNeek:

For your hipster cousin:

Okay, so maybe sometimes you just want to slap him silly. Instead, get him this awesome, unique monster tie by beckaboo. The price is perfect, plus it's recycled!

For the creepy guy you picked in the gift exchange at work:

You have to be careful with this one! You don't want him to think you LIKE him or something! Get him this ceramic magnet from CircaCeramics and everyone will wish you had picked them instead.. Add the upcycled shirt coffee cozy from TheLilMonsterShoppe and he'll be the envy of everyone in the office.

How to Win the Giveaway:

1. Search etsy to find an off-the-beaten path gift for someone unusual or hard to shop for on your list -- or you can use one of mine.

2. Comment on my blog with your find and a link to the item on etsy.

3. Every person who comments with a link will be entered into a drawing for a set of 4 ornaments made from upcycled materials, in a gift box which is also made from upcycled materials. (Picture in a previous post, more pics to come as I perfect the design.)

You have until Thursday, December 11 to comment and the drawing will be on Friday, December 12. (I changed the date because it took me so long to put part 2 together. Sorry folks!) Winners will be posted here, with a link to their etsy shops.

You don't have to have a shop on etsy to play, you just have to find something wonderful on etsy for an "ungiftable" and post it here.


Nancy said...

This is what I got my brother:

He's an "emo nerd". So for the male emo nerd in your life, you may want to check out that shop (luchaworkshop) for some awesome screenprinted T's and other items.

Digital Misfit said...

These earrings are perfect for my VERY ungiftable 19 yr old niece.

She isnt a girly-girl, and more traditional jewelry isnt her style. These fabulously unusual earrings are just right.

km said...

Nancy, that shirt is AWESOME and PERFECT. And DigitalMisfit, those earrings are really beautiful. Thanks guys!

Marie said...

Oh, I just love the Star Wars clock and the monster tie. Both are great gifts!

I hope there is nothing wrong with another tie. It's exactly what I am making for my husband. I'm sick of the black tie that he wears all the time ... and I just happened to have some silk laying around.

Marie said...

How could I miss the bit about gifting your ornaments away?!

So, I found this perfect skirt/Halloween costume for my cousin who is quite impossible to shop for.

km said...

Ooooh, a handmade tie is so cool Marie!!! Nothing at all wrong with that!! And I love that poodle skirt -- what a fun gift idea!

Julie said...

For your friend who just found out she's pregnant, clothes will soon not fit her, smells may make her feel nauseous, and let's face it baby items aren't really for her. So how about this very unique journal from sonnetandprose she can use to jot down all her many emotions, name choices, and even paste some ultrasound pictures.

km said...

OMG Julie are you pregnant?????

I do love that journal, that would be a great gift for a lot of people.