Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I'm very focused on listing more frequently on etsy, and to that end I decided to make a ghetto lightbox to make my photography easier.

I used a ruler to draw a line one inch in corners of the box on two sides and the top, then I cut out the areas of the box on the inside of the line where the muslin filter was going to go.

I then reinforced all of the corners with leftover pieces of cardboard because, of course, anytime I can use glue and cardboard I'm like a terrier with a stuffed bunny.

After that I glued muslin to the inside of the box and cut some pieces of posterboard to slide into it to use as an infinity backdrop. Hmm, some pictures of that step would be helpful, wouldn't they?

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the lightbox. Now I seem to be fixated on making little "lifts" covered in the same paper as my backdrop. God forbid I use this lightbox to actually, you know, PHOTOGRAPH anything.

Sometimes I'm just more interested in the process than I am in the result.

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